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Effect of a new, potent, non-peptide V1a vasopressin antagonist, SR 49059, on the binding and the mitogenic activity of vasopressin on Swiss 3T3 cells.

The effects of SR 49059, a new non-peptide, selective arginine vasopressin (AVP), V1a antagonist, were investigated both on AVP's receptors and on the mitogenic effects of AVP on Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts. We characterized the AVP V1a receptors on Swiss 3T3 cell membranes using the new highly specific AVP V1a radioiodinated ligand, 125I-linear AVP antagonist. Specific binding of the 125I-linear AVP antagonist was saturable, time-dependent and reversible. A single class of high affinity binding sites was identified with an apparent Kd of 40 +/- 20 pM and a Bmax of 63 +/- 20 fmol/ mg protein. 125I-Linear AVP antagonist binding to its receptors was potently inhibited in a concentration-dependent manner by AVP, by the peptide V1a antagonist d(CH2)5Tyr(Me)AVP and by the synthetic V1a antagonist, SR 49059 (IC50 in the nanomolar range) while OPC-21268, another non-peptide compound, was about 100-fold less potent. Both DDAVP, a selective V2 agonist, and oxytocin exhibited low affinity (IC50 > 1 microM) in agreement with the AVP V1a nature of the site identified on Swiss 3T3 cells. In addition, the broad-spectrum antiproliferative agent [Arg6, D-Trp7,9, MePhe8] substance P (6-11), was also able to interact at 3T3 AVP V1a receptors (IC50 = 395 +/- 170 nM). The mitogenic effects of AVP on quiescent Swiss 3T3 cells, assessed through [3H]thymidine incorporation, were selectively, stereospecifically and strongly inhibited by SR 40959 (IC50 = 14 +/- 2 nM) while OPC-21268 was inactive up to 220 nM. SR 49059 was even about six times more efficient than d(CH2)5Tyr(Me)AVP in inhibiting AVP-induced DNA synthesis. Moreover, SR 49059 fully inhibited Swiss 3T3 fibroblast proliferation since it completely blocked AVP-stimulated 3T3 cell growth from the G1/G0 into the S/G2M phase, as evidenced by cell cycle analysis using a cytofluorometer. In summary, SR 49059, through direct interaction at AVP V1a receptors, exerts the most potent antiproliferative effect yet described for any V1a antagonist on Swiss 3T3 cells.[1]


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