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Sensitization with Cr, Ni and Zr salts and allergic type granuloma formation in the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs were sensitized to potassium dichromate, nickel sulfate and sodium zirconium lactate by three methods of immunization in Freund's complete adjuvant: Polak, split adjuvant, and maximization (modified Magnusson and Kligman). These were followed after 2 weeks by weekly intradermal injections of 25 microng of the metal salt. Delayed hypersensitivity-like reactions developed 3 to 12 weeks after initial injection. Reactivity, although strong with an increase in thickness of over 0.7 mm and/or diameter of erythema of over 8 X 8 mm, was frequently transient, the animal losing reactivity on subsequent skin test or after 2 or 3 skin tests. In two-thirds of the experiments using sodium zirconium lactate, delayed hypersensitivity-like reactions at 24 hr developed into nodular lesions which reached peak intensity at 8 days and histologically contained histiocytes with an epithelioid cell appearance and giant cells. In some experiments, sodium zirconium lactate-sensitive animals showed cross reactivity with potassium dichromate, but not with nickel sulfate.[1]


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