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Epithelioid Cells

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Disease relevance of Epithelioid Cells


High impact information on Epithelioid Cells

  • ICAM-1 purified from the HeLa epithelioid cell line and reconstituted into planar membranes also supported efficient adhesion of T lymphoblasts that was blocked by LFA-1 mAb bound to the T lymphoblasts or ICAM-1 mAb bound to the planar membranes [6].
  • Moreover, we show here for the first time that the expression of exogenous Fra-1 in epithelioid cells results in morphological changes that resemble fibroblastoid conversion [7].
  • No expression from the IFN-alpha-CAT hybrid gene was detected in 293 cells, indicating that human epithelioid cells lack a factor required for expression of the IFN-alpha promoter [8].
  • These included a major population of acid phosphatase and nonspecific esterase-positive macrophage-like cells and a minor population of factor VII antigen negative epithelioid cells [9].
  • Biopsy revealed biphasic neoplasm displaying nests of poorly differentiated neuroblastic cells positive for synaptophysin and pigmented cuboidal epithelioid cell positive for keratins, epithelial membrane antigen and MHB-45 [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Epithelioid Cells


Biological context of Epithelioid Cells


Anatomical context of Epithelioid Cells


Associations of Epithelioid Cells with chemical compounds


Gene context of Epithelioid Cells

  • One-third of large congenital nevi expressed CD40 in small clusters of heavily pigmented, epithelioid cells, corresponding to so-called proliferative nodules [31].
  • Tumours containing epithelioid cells showed a significantly higher expression of HLA-B than tumours of the spindle cell type [32].
  • In addition, cyclin D1 positivity was associated with the presence of extraocular extension of the tumour (p=0.01), with the mixed or epithelioid cell type (p=0. 02), and with the tumour cell MIB-1 positivity (p=0.0001) [33].
  • In this small series, no statistically significant associations between the presence of the BRAF mutation and clinicopathological characteristics were detected, although tumors with this mutation tended to have a larger diameter and greater depth of invasion and to contain epithelioid cells [34].
  • Immunohistochemically, the epithelioid cells showed strong positive reaction for Factor VIII in all three patients, for CD31 in two, and for CD34 in one [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Epithelioid Cells


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