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Complex expression of the zp-50 pou gene in the embryonic zebrafish brain is altered by overexpression of sonic hedgehog.

We report the characterization of the zebrafish zp-50 class III POU domain gene. This gene is first activated in the prospective diencephalon after the end of the gastrula period. During somitogenesis, zp-50 is expressed in a very dynamic and complex fashion in all major subdivisions of the central nervous system. After one day of development, zp-50 transcripts are present in the fore- and midbrain in several distinct cell clusters. In the hindbrain, zp-50 expression is found in two types of domains. Correct zp-50 expression in the ventral fore- and midbrain requires genes known to be involved in dorsoventral patterning of the zebrafish CNS. Transcripts of the sonic hedgehog ( shh) gene encoding an intercellular signaling molecule are detected in the forming diencephalon shortly prior to the appearance of zp-50 mRNA. Correct expression in this region of both shh, and zp-50, requires a functional cyclops ( cyc) locus: shh and zp-50 transcripts are likewise absent from the ventral rostral brain of mutant cyc-/- embryos. Injection of synthetic shh mRNA into fertilized eggs causes ectopic zp-50 expression at more dorsal positions of the embryonic brain. The close spatial and temporal coincidence of expression in the rostral brain, the similar response to the cyc- mutation, and the ectopic zp-50 expression in the injection experiments all suggest that zp-50 may directly respond to the reception of the Shh signal.[1]


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