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Targeting disseminated melanoma with radiolabelled methylene blue: Comparative bio-distribution studies in man and animals.

Targeted radiotherapy for pigmented melanoma with 3,7-(dimethylamino) phenazathionium chloride [methylene blue (MTB)] labelled with Astatine-211 (211At; alpha-particle emitter) proved to be very effective in animal model systems. Since the results justified an introduction of the treatment to the clinic, the aim of the bio-distribution studies using [123I]-MTB and [131I]-MTB in patients was to confirm selectiveness of radiolabelled MTB uptake in melanoma lesions. The investigations were carried out using planar and SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) gamma-cameras. A stable uptake of radioiodinated MTB was found in pigmented melanomas in man, with tumour/surrounding tissue and tumour/blood ratios amounting to 9 at 19 h after a single i.v. injection. A time-dependent kinetics of radioiodinated MTB distribution was similar to that observed in human melanoma-bearing athymic mice. Blood radioactivity decreased by about 90% during the first 2.5 min after i.v. injection of the compound (T1/2biol = 0.58 min). Its retention time in various organs was either the same or very similar to that characteristic of the blood. A rapid uptake of radioiodinated MTB in the liver and kidneys confirmed the importance of these organs in excreting the compound: 25-30% of the radioactivity administered was expelled with urine over the first 24 h after the injection. There was no obvious retention of radioiodinated MTB in the brain over the observation period and in the eyes for at least the first 14 h.[1]


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