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Umbilical cord plasma cortisol levels in association with pregnancy complications.

Cortisol concentrations in umbilical cord plasma at birth were determined in association with pregnancy complications which may affect the time of pulmonary maturation of the fetus or otherwise influence its survival. No statistically significant change in these cortisol levels was observed in either term or premature pregnancies with the following complications: maternal disorder (preeclampsia, diabetes, pruritus), prolonged rupture of membranes, antenatal isoxsuprine treatment, maternal cigarette smoking, and neonatal asphyxia. Significant increases were observed in premature births in association with intrauterine fetal growth retardation and with the appearance of meconium. Cortisol concentrations in more severe forms of diabetes were significantly less than in Class A diabetes, in premature cases, and also tended to be low in association with various fetal congenital abnormalities. The possible physiologic significance of these results is discussed.[1]


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