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Nuclear transfer of porcine embryos using cryopreserved delipated blastomeres as donor nuclei.

Nuclear transfer protocol for the pig using cryopreserved delipated four- to eight-cell and morula stage embryos as nucleus donors was developed. Donor embryos, which had been delipated by micromanipulation following centrifugation for polarizing cytoplasmic lipid droplets, were cryopreserved with 1.5 M 1,2-propanediol and 0.1 M sucrose. Recipient cytoplasts were prepared from ovulated oocytes. Activation of oocytes could be induced more efficiently when electric stimulation was given 53 hr after the hCG injection or later (66-83%), compared with 52 hr or earlier (11-16%, P < 0.05), suggesting that aging after ovulation may be required for in vivo matured porcine oocytes to be activated by electric stimuli. Membrane fusion rates between donor blastomeres and enucleated oocytes were 88% (127/144) and 97% (56/58, P > 0.05) for the four- to eight-cell and morula stage embryos, respectively. In vitro developmental rates to the two-cell (53/100 vs. 35/65), four-cell (34/100 vs. 26/65), and morula stage (17/100 vs. 18/65) were the same between the nuclear transfer embryos with four- to eight-cell and morula nuclei. However, more embryos reconstituted with morula nuclei developed to blastocysts (15% vs. 6%, P < 0.05). These data demonstrated that blastomeres of cryopreserved, delipated porcine embryos can be used as donor nuclei for nuclear transfer. Frozen-thawed, delipated blastomeres can be efficiently isolated and fused, and therefore provide a useful source of donor nuclei.[1]


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