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Endogenous glutamate increases extracellular concentrations of dopamine, GABA, and taurine through NMDA and AMPA/kainate receptors in striatum of the freely moving rat: a microdialysis study.

Interactions between glutamate (Glu), dopamine (DA), GABA, and taurine (Tau) were investigated in striatum of the freely moving rat by using microdialysis. Intrastriatal infusions of the selective Glu uptake inhibitor L-trans-pyrrolidine-3,4-dicarboxylic acid (PDC) were used to increase the endogenous extracellular [Glu]. Correlations between extracellular [Glu] and extracellular [DA], [GABA], and [Tau], and the effects of a selective blockade of ionotropic Glu receptors, were studied. PDC (1, 2, and 4 mM) produced a dose-related increase in extracellular [Glu]. At the highest dose of PDC, [Glu] increased from 1.55 +/- 0.35 to 6.11 +/- 0.88 microM. PDC also increased extracellular [DA], [GABA], and [Tau]. The increasing [Glu] was correlated significantly with increasing [DA], [GABA], and [Tau]. PDC also decreased extracellular concentrations of DA metabolites 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) and 4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenylacetic acid (HVA). Perfusion with the NMDA-receptor antagonist 3-[(R)-2-carboxypiperazin-4-yl]-propyl-1-phosphonic acid (1 mM) or the AMPA/kainate-receptor antagonist 6,7-dinitroquinoxaline-2,3-dione (DNQX) (1 mM) attenuated the increases produced by PDC (4 mM) on [DA], [GABA], and [Tau], and decreases in [DOPAC] and [HVA]. DNQX also attenuated the increases in [Glu] induced by PDC. These data show that endogenous Glu plays a role in modulating the extracellular concentrations of DA, GABA, and Tau in striatum of the freely moving rat.[1]


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