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A novel AP180-related protein in vesicles that concentrate at acetylcholine receptor clusters.

Monoclonal antibodies were generated to vesicular membranes of clathrin coated vesicles enriched for acetylcholinesterase ( AChE). One of these, C172, recognizes vesicles which accumulate in muscle cells around nuclei associated with acetylcholine receptor AChR clusters. Immunoblots of muscle extracts and brain purified clathrin coated vesicles show that C172 recognizes a 100 kd band in muscle, but a 180 kd band in brain. Western blots of purified AP180 protein stained with the two antibodies AP180.1 and C172 displayed the same staining pattern. Tryptic digests probed with peptide antibodies (PS26 and PS27) generated to known sequences of AP180 were used to map the epitope for C172 within the brain AP180 sequence. On immunoblots of digested AP180, all AP180 antibodies and C172 recognized a 100 kd tryptic fragment, however only C172 recognized a smaller 60 kd. Our results suggest that the C172 epitope is located within amino acids 305-598 of the AP180 sequence. Confocal fluorescence microscopy of myoblasts and myotubes stained with the C172 antibody gives a punctate immunofluorescence pattern. Myoblasts stained with C172 revealed a polarized distribution of vesicles distinct from that observed when cells are stained with gamma adaptin antibody which is known to localize to trans Golgi network. Myotubes stained with C172 antibody reveal a linear array of vesicular staining. Quantitative analysis of C172 reactive vesicles revealed a significant increase in number of vesicles present around the nuclei associated with the acetylcholine receptor clusters. These vesicles did not colocalize with the Golgi cisternae. These results indicate that a protein with homology to the neuron-specific coated vesicle protein AP180, is present in muscle cells associated with vesicles showing significant concentration around postsynaptic nuclei present in close proximity to AChR clusters.[1]


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