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Virological and molecular biological investigations into equine herpes virus type 2 (EHV-2) experimental infections.

Two 18-month-old naturally reared ponies were used to investigate the pathogenicity of EHV-2. After dexamethasone treatment, pony 1 was inoculated intranasally with EHV-2 strain T16, which has been isolated from a foal with keratoconjunctivitis superficialis and pony 2 was similarly inoculated with strain LK4 which was originally isolated from a horse with upper respiratory tract disease. Following virus inoculation, pyrexia was not detected in either pony but both developed conjunctivitis, lymphadenopathy, and coughing. EHV-2 was detected in nasal mucus samples up to day 12 post infection (p.i.), in eye swabs up to day 10 p.i., and in buffy coat cells throughout the investigation in both animals. EHV-2-specific antibody titres were raised significantly 18 days p.i. Following the administration of dexamethasone, 3 months p.i., infectious virus was again detected in nasal mucus and conjunctival swabs from both ponies for 7 days. The tissue distribution of EHV-2 genome was studied post mortem, by means of a nested PCR. EHV-2 was detected in lymphoid tissues, lung, conjunctiva, trigeminal ganglia and olfactory lobes of pony 2, whereas in pony 1 only the conjunctiva of the left eye was PCR positive.[1]


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