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Chemical Compound Review

Lullan     (3aR,7aS)-2-[4-[4-(7-thia-8...

Synonyms: Perospirone, SureCN1155757, ACN-S001249, SM-9018, CCG-100862, ...
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Disease relevance of Lullan


Psychiatry related information on Lullan

  • 2. SM-9018 treatment (10 mg/kg/day p.o.) for 2 weeks did not significantly change the density (Bmax) of striatal D2 receptors or the incidence of stereotyped behavior induced by apomorphine (APO) [3].

High impact information on Lullan


Chemical compound and disease context of Lullan

  • 3. The incidence of the apomorphine-induced stereotyped behaviors (e.g., sniffing, chewing, licking and biting) was negligibly affected by SM-9018 treatment, but was markedly enhanced by haloperidol treatment [2].

Biological context of Lullan

  • 5. These findings suggest that SM-9018 is weaker than HAL in inducing up-regulation and supersensitivity of the striatal D2 receptors after the subchronic treatment [3].

Anatomical context of Lullan


Gene context of Lullan


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