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Chemical Compound Review

Terpenol     2-(4-methyl-1-cyclohex-3- enyl)propan-2-ol

Synonyms: Terpineol, TERPINEOLS, CARVOMENTHENOL, DL a-terpineol, Terpineol 350, ...
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Disease relevance of Terpenol

  • The Tdx gene, previously cloned from the plasmid-encoded terp operon, that carries genes encoding for proteins involved in terpineol catabolism, has been subcloned and expressed as the holoprotein in E. coli [1].
  • Terpineol, a volatile terpenoid alcohol of low toxicity, is widely used in the perfumery industry [2].

High impact information on Terpenol


Biological context of Terpenol


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