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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN682218     1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2- (hydroxymethyl)piperi...

Synonyms: AG-L-66180, BAY-m 1099, AC-1288, AC1L1BDA, Bay 1099, ...
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Disease relevance of MIGLITOL


High impact information on MIGLITOL

  • OBJECTIVE: To assess the long-term safety and effectiveness of a titrated dose of the alpha-glucosidase inhibitor miglitol (BAY m 1099) in Hispanic NIDDM patients [4].
  • This resulted in the AUC for plasma insulin to be significantly less with Bay-m-1099 (AUC, 8.2 +/- 1.3 vs. 12.8 +/- 1.6 microU/ml/min with placebo; P less than 0.01) [1].
  • The major part of alpha 1-antitrypsin secreted by Bay m 1099 treated cells still carried two complex type oligosaccharide chains, the majority of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein carried three to five [5].
  • After removal of Bay m 1099 from hepatocytes its inhibitory effect on protein glycosylation was immediately reversible [5].
  • The effect of the glucose analogue N-hydroxyethyl-1-deoxynojirimycin (BAY m 1099) on the activity of alpha-glucosidases was studied in human fibroblasts and HepG2 cells [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of MIGLITOL


Biological context of MIGLITOL

  • As miglitol (BAY m-1099), an absorbable alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, can inhibit glycogenolysis, we investigated whether 200 mg miglitol ingested at bedtime could decrease fasting blood glucose values [7].
  • The present study aimed at investigating the metabolic effects and tolerance of two desoxynojirimycin derivatives with alpha-glucosidase inhibitory properties (BAY m 1099 and BAY o 1248) [8].

Anatomical context of MIGLITOL

  • Effects of N-hydroxyethyl-1-deoxynojirimycin (BAY m 1099) on the activity of neutral- and acid alpha-glucosidases in human fibroblasts and HepG2 cells [6].

Associations of MIGLITOL with other chemical compounds

  • The inhibition of lactase activity was stronger by Bay-m-1099 (Ki = 4.9 X 10(-6) M) than by Bay-o-1248 (Ki = 6.7 X 10(-5) M) [9].
  • A rapid, sensitive and accurate liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method was developed and validated for the quantification of miglitol (CAS 72432-03-2), an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, in human plasma using gabapentin (CAS 60142-96-3) as internal standard (IS) [10].

Gene context of MIGLITOL


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MIGLITOL

  • Fifteen obese Type II diabetic patients with inadequate metabolic control during sulphonylurea treatment received a standardized diet and were treated either with Bay m 1099, b.d. (100 mg before breakfast and dinner) or placebo for 3 days, according to a double-blind cross-over design [13].
  • 1. The effect of the acute or chronic oral administration of miglitol (Bay M 1099 alpha-glucosidase inhibitor) to non-insulin-dependent diabetic rats was studied [14].


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