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Chemical Compound Review

AC1L2MBR     trimethyl-(2- propanoylsulfanylethyl)azanium

Synonyms: CTK8H8006, ZINC01627126, AR-1I7296, AC1Q68WI, 1866-73-5 (iodide), ...
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High impact information on Propionylthiocholine

  • In a practical example we found the light interference to be severe when hydrolysis of propionylthiocholine by plasma cholinesterase (EC was measured after a 20-min incubation [1].
  • Wild-type rat BChE catalyzed turnover 2- to 7-fold more rapidly than human BChE, showing the highest turnover with propionylthiocholine (201,000 min(-1)) [2].
  • The results showed that the observed cholinesterase activities in the whole embryo may be attributed mainly to acetylcholinesterase with a partial capability to use propionylthiocholine as a second substrate [3].
  • In comparison to acetylcholinesterase (AChE) from susceptible adult codling moth, the enzyme of insects resistant to azinphos-methyl has low affinities (higher K(m) values) to the substrates acetylthiocholine (ATCh) and propionylthiocholine [4].
  • The maximum velocities (V(max)) for hydrolyzing acetylthiocholine (ATC), propionylthiocholine, and S-butyrylthiocholine were 833.3, 222.2, and 57.5 micromol/min/mg, and the Michaelis constants (K(m)) were 87.9, 26.9, and 195.3 microM, respectively [5].

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