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Chemical Compound Review

BUTYRYLTHIOCHOLINE     2-butanoylsulfanylethyl- trimethyl-azanium

Synonyms: CHEMBL139908, AG-F-58114, CHEBI:41055, AC1L2GSR, CTK4I8879, ...
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Biological context of BUTYRYLTHIOCHOLINE

  • Furthermore, the Drosophila enzyme hydrolyzed butyrylthiocholine much more efficiently than these eel or human enzymes, an indication that the fly head enzyme has a substrate specificity intermediate between mammalian acetylcholinesterases and butyrylcholinesterases [7].
  • For this purpose, the kinetics of butyrylthiocholine (BTC) hydrolysis by wild-type human BuChE, by selected mutants and by horse BuChE was carried out at 25 degreeC and pH 7.0 in the presence of tetraethylammonium (TEA) [8].

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