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Gene Review

TBR1  -  T-box, brain, 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: T-box brain protein 1, T-brain-1, TBR-1, TES-56
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High impact information on TBR1

  • We studied 68 MS patients and 39 normal controls with 1.5 T brain MRI [1].
  • Expression of CAMKII-alpha and TBR1 mRNAs was significantly increased in bipolar patients but not in major depressed patients, and there was a trend toward reduced BDNF expression in both groups [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The findings that TBR1 and CAMKII-alpha expression is increased only in bipolar patients suggests abnormalities of specific genes related to a major cortical cell type and its connectivity [2].
  • We also noted that the P. flava homolog of T-brain/Eomes, a gene closely related by sequence and expression around the blastopore to Brachyury and associated with development of the vertebrate brain, also exhibits early posterior expression around the blastopore and a field of de novo anterior ectoderm expression during later embryogenesis [3].
  • T-Brain expression in the apical organ of hemichordate tornaria larvae suggests its evolutionary link to the vertebrate forebrain [4].

Anatomical context of TBR1


Other interactions of TBR1

  • The copy number gains of CDKN1C and INS and the copy number losses of TBR1 were significantly correlated with longer survival of patients [5].
  • The gene regulatory mechanisms responsible for initiating the anterior zone of de novo expression of T-brain may represent a cooption to specify early neuroectoderm of the regulatory program evolved first to drive anterior Brachyury expression for deuterostome mouth formation [3].


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