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Gene Review

Afr2  -  alpha fetoprotein regulation 2, inducibility

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Afr-2, Rif
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Disease relevance of Afr2

  • Exposure of Rif 7 to heat stress for 5 h in vitro resulted in a 2-log decrease in its 50% lethal dose (P < 0.02) [1].

High impact information on Afr2


Chemical compound and disease context of Afr2

  • Increases in both virulence and envelope protein levels were reversed when heat-treated cells were subsequently grown at 37 degrees C. Inhibition of protein synthesis by actinomycin D during heat stress blocked the increase in virulence of Rif 7 [1].

Biological context of Afr2


Anatomical context of Afr2

  • Here we show that primary hepatocytes isolated from C3H/HeJ and C57BL/6J mice exhibit differential expression of the endogenous AFP gene, which was attributed to the Afr2 gene locus and indicative of a cell-autonomous mechanism [8].

Associations of Afr2 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Afr2


Other interactions of Afr2


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