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Gene Review

virG  -  vir operon transcriptional activator

Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58

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Disease relevance of virG


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Associations of virG with chemical compounds

  • This attracts Ti-plasmid harbouring A. tumefaciens to wound sites, where the higher acetosyringone concentrations lead to virA and virG-mediated induction of the vir-genes [10].
  • Multiple copies of virG genes contained in A. tumefaciens strains harboring a nopaline-type Ti-plasmid had a smaller enhancing effect upon the transformation of celery tissues, and no enhancing effect upon the transformation of rice [11].
  • Additional copies of octopine- and agropine-type virG genes in A. tumefaciens strains containing an agropine-type Ti-plasmid enhanced the frequency of transient transformation of celery and rice [11].
  • Since the trp promoter is not under virA-virG control, this result indicates that modification of VirG is necessary for its full activity [8].

Other interactions of virG


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