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Gene Review

Pax3  -  paired box 3

Rattus norvegicus

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Disease relevance of Pax3


High impact information on Pax3

  • In addition, IL6RIL6 leads to a disappearance of Pax-3, a marker of eSC and nonmyelinating Schwann cells (nmSC) [2].
  • Interestingly, expression of BDNF correlated with that of Pax3, a marker of muscle progenitor cells, in several different adult skeletal muscles [3].
  • Pax3 function is required for cardiac neural crest cells to complete their migration to the developing heart [1].
  • In conclusion, Pax3 is underexpressed in the hearts of nitrofen-exposed embryonal rats before the end of gestation [1].
  • Pax3 mRNA expression in the heart was significantly decreased on E15 in nitrofen-treated embryos (32.94+/-17.11 U vs. 55.09+/-11.56 U, p<0.05), and it was still decreased, although not significantly, in the hearts of nitrofen-exposed fetuses recovered on E21 (15.67+/-5.56 U vs. 20.51+/-5.92 U, not significant) [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pax3


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