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Gene Review

Ccnt1  -  cyclin T1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2810478G24Rik, AI115585, CycT1, Cyclin-T, Cyclin-T1
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Disease relevance of Ccnt1


High impact information on Ccnt1

  • We have also found that the c-Myc transactivation domain interacts with cdk9 and cyclin T1, components of the CTD kinase P-TEFb [2].
  • Furthermore, cdk9, as well as cyclin T1 and cyclin T2, shows differences in nuclear localization at distinct stages of adipogenesis [3].
  • Here we describe as a potential vaccine candidate a replication-defective HIV that encodes multiple viral genes in addition to a cassette that includes both truncated cyclin T1 and an autofluorescent protein [4].
  • After confirming functionality of the cyclin T1, we immunized mice intramuscularly once or twice with the replication-defective HIV vector pseudotyped with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) G protein (RD HIV), a plasmid encoding CMV-driven gag (gag DNA), or adenovirus gag (Ad5-gag) [4].
  • Yeast two-hybrid screens and immunoprecipitation assays identified CDKC-interacting proteins with homology to the animal cyclin T/cyclin K group [5].

Biological context of Ccnt1

  • In the present paper, we report that the goat BAC transgene, which encompasses around 30 kb of the cyclin T1 promoter, also confers ubiquitous expression of this gene in the six transgenic mouse lines analysed [6].
  • These results suggest that the cyclin T1 promoter could be a useful alternative to target ubiquitous gene expression in transgenics [6].
  • We recently reported that a goat bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clone conferred site-independent expression in transgenic mice of the two loci present within its insert, the ubiquitously expressed Cyclin T1 and the mammary specific alpha-lactalbumin (alphalac) genes [7].

Anatomical context of Ccnt1


Other interactions of Ccnt1

  • Furthermore, activator bypass experiments have shown that direct recruitment of cyclin T1 to the cad promoter can substitute for c-Myc to activate the promoter [2].


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