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Gene Review

Arhgap31  -  Rho GTPase activating protein 31

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 5830477L08Rik, AU041750, CdGAP, Cdc42 GTPase-activating protein, Cdgap, ...
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High impact information on Cdgap


Biological context of Cdgap

  • Also, the tissue distribution of CdGAP proteins appears to be different between human and mouse species [4].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that CdGAP properties are well conserved between human and mouse species, and that CdGAP may play an unexpected role in apoptosis [4].

Anatomical context of Cdgap


Associations of Cdgap with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Cdgap


Other interactions of Cdgap

  • Here we show that through a subset of its Src homology 3 domains, the endocytic protein intersectin interacts with CdGAP [3].
  • We identify Thr776 as an in vivo target site of ERK1/2 and as an important regulatory site of CdGAP activity [2].
  • Furthermore, CdGAP interacts with and is phosphorylated by ERK-1 and RSK-1 in vitro [2].


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