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Gene Review

Igk-V28  -  immunoglobulin kappa chain variable 28 (V28)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AV061724, Igk-Ef1, Igk-Trp, Igk-VSer
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Disease relevance of Igk-V28


High impact information on Igk-V28


Biological context of Igk-V28


Anatomical context of Igk-V28


Other interactions of Igk-V28

  • On the basis of these data, the Rn7s-6 sequence may be placed within 1.3 centimorgans of Ly-3 and one of the Igk-V-region markers, Igk-Ef1 [12].
  • The results from the NAK mouse indicate that at least some members of Vk4, Vk8, Vk10, and Vk21 were on one side of the recombination event linked to the Lyt-2 alpha and Igk-Ef1 alpha alleles of AKR, while the Vk9, Vk11, and Vk24 REF patterns came from the NZB parental strain linked to the Igk-Ef2 beta (Vk1) allele [13].
  • The mouse Igk-VSer gene encodes an immunoglobulin kappa light chain variable region which gives rise to two phenotypic polymorphisms of mouse kappa chains [14].
  • Structural and evolutionary comparisons of four alleles of the mouse Igk-J locus which encodes immunoglobulin kappa light chain joining (J kappa) segments [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Igk-V28

  • The limit of human IgG detection by inhibition ELISA using mouse anti-human immunoglobulin kappa light chain (Ig kappa) monoclonal antibody is 0.01 microgram [16].


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