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Gene Review

Ins1  -  insulin I

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Ins-1, Ins2-rs1, Insulin-1
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Disease relevance of Ins1

  • Dietary antioxidant supplementation was protective against pancreatic angiogenesis, hyperinsulinemia, and subsequent activation of insulin signaling cascades in peripheral tissues [1].

High impact information on Ins1


Associations of Ins1 with chemical compounds

  • Our findings demonstrate dependence on B16 alanine versus tyrosine of insulin B:9-23 for both the initial priming and the effector phase of NOD anti-islet autoimmunity [7].
  • These studies demonstrate that central insulin action plays an important role in regulating WAT mass and glucose metabolism via hepatic Stat3 activation [8].

Other interactions of Ins1

  • The beta-cell mass in Ins2-/- mice was increased almost threefold, which accounts for the increase of Ins1 transcripts in Ins2-/-mutants [9].


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