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Gene Review

spe-11  -  Protein SPE-11

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on spe-11

  • Such an ontogenetic role of the spe-11+ gene product in early embryogenesis distinguishes spe-11 mutations from the two paternal-effect mutations identified in Drosophila, ms(3)K81 and pal, which primarily affect chromosome behavior [1].
  • Embryos fertilized by sperm from homozygous spe-11 worms fail to complete meiosis and show defects in eggshell formation, mitotic spindle orientation, and cytokinesis [1].
  • Genetic analysis suggests that the spe-11 gene is expressed before the completion of spermatogenesis and that the wild-type locus encodes a product that is present in sperm and participates, directly or indirectly, in initiating the correct program of early events in C. elegans embryos [1].
  • However, the resultant zygotes die due to the absence of sperm-supplied spe-11 [2].
  • Mutants in spe-11 form primary spermatocytes with a defective perinuclear region, but the resulting spermatozoa can still crawl and fertilize eggs [2].

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