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Gene Review

dpy-14  -  Protein DPY-14

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on dpy-14

  • In the 0.65 map-unit interval around unc-15 defined by dpy-14 and unc-56, seven newly identified genes have been mapped relative to five existing genes [1].
  • The physical and genetic maps in the dpy-14 region were linked by positioning two N2/BO polymorphisms with respect to duplications in the region, and by localizing the right breakpoint of the deficiency hDf8 on the physical map [2].
  • This novel phenotype due to collagen mutations further stresses that dpy-14 plays a fundamental role in C. elegans physiology, since it is required for the proper development of the hypoderm [3].
  • Interestingly, seam cells of dpy-14 mutants do not properly fuse to form a syncytium [3].
  • SAGE data and dpy-14 promoter::GFP reporter constructs indicate that the gene is transcribed mainly during embryogenesis, specifically in ciliated neurons and hypoderm [3].


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