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Gene Review

daf-18  -  Protein DAF-18

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of daf-18

  • Given the conservation of the PI3'K signaling pathway between C. elegans and mammals, the analysis of daf-18 PTEN mutant nematodes should shed light on the role of human PTEN in the etiology of metabolic disease, aging, and cancer [1].

High impact information on daf-18

  • We provide evidence that daf-18 elicits some functions independent of the downstream gene daf-16 [2].
  • In one example, daf-18 appears to constitute a cell-autonomous germline signal that converges with a somatic gonad signal mediated by ceh-18 at a kinase inhibition [2].
  • We show that at least 27 genes collaborate with the worm PTEN homolog daf-18 for various functions previously concealed by genetic redundancy, including embryogenesis, cuticle turnover, egg laying, and oocyte maturation [2].
  • Others have shown that mutation of daf-18 suppresses the life extension and constitutive dauer formation associated with daf-2 or age-1 mutants [3].
  • Similarly, we show that inactivation of daf-18 by RNA-mediated interference mimics this suppression, and that a wild-type daf-18 transgene rescues the dauer defect [3].

Biological context of daf-18


Other interactions of daf-18


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