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Metabolic Diseases

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Gene context of Metabolic Diseases

  • Mutations in the PCCA (alpha subunit) or PCCB (beta subunit) gene can cause the inherited metabolic disease propionic acidemia (PA), which can be life threatening in the neonatal period [27].
  • Given the conservation of the PI3'K signaling pathway between C. elegans and mammals, the analysis of daf-18 PTEN mutant nematodes should shed light on the role of human PTEN in the etiology of metabolic disease, aging, and cancer [28].
  • Regulation of rIGFBP-1 may play an important role in the modulation of IGF bioactivity in experimental animals with metabolic disease [29].
  • Mutations of the PCCA (alpha subunit) or PCCB (beta subunit) gene cause the inherited metabolic disease, propionic acidemia [30].
  • We conclude that the Q12X mutation in AMPD1 may result in a mild clinical effect; that it is frequent in the Spanish population, and therefore frequently associated with other metabolic diseases; and that the effect of the association of AMPD and PPL deficiencies seems to be neutral [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Metabolic Diseases


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