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Gene Review

ced-10  -  Protein CED-10

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of ced-10


High impact information on ced-10

  • We provide evidence that CED-2 and CED-10 function in engulfing rather than dying cells to control the phagocytosis of cell corpses, that CED-2 and CED-5 physically interact, and that ced-10 probably functions downstream of ced-2 and ced-5 [2].
  • Mutations in genes in one of these pathways, defined by the genes ced-2, ced-5 and ced-10, result in defects both in the engulfment of dying cells and in the migrations of the two distal tip cells of the developing gonad [2].
  • At low doses of wild-type mig-2 and ced-10, the Semaphorin 1 proteins no longer act through PLX-1 to prevent anterior displacements of ray 1, but have the opposite effect, acting through PLX-1 to mediate anterior displacements of ray 1 [3].
  • By contrast, ced-10 is uniquely required for cell-corpse phagocytosis, and mig-2 and rac-2 have only subtle roles in this process [4].
  • Our biochemical and genetic data indicate that unc-73, which encodes a protein related to Trio-like guanine nucleotide exchange factor, acts as a direct activator of ced-10 and mig-2 during P cell migration and axon outgrowth of D type motoneurons and amphid sensory neurons [1].

Biological context of ced-10


Other interactions of ced-10

  • Constitutively active and dominant-negative mutant forms of mig-2 cause vulval defects that are very similar to those seen in ced-10;mig-2 double loss-of-function mutants, indicating that they interfere with the functions of both ced-10 Rac and mig-2 [5].
  • Here we find that ced-2 and ced-10 encode proteins similar to the human adaptor protein CrkII and the human GTPase Rac, respectively [2].
  • We provide evidence that ced-12 likely acts upstream of ced-10 during cell migration and phagocytosis and that CED-12 physically interacts with CED-5 and forms a ternary complex with CED-2 in vitro [6].


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