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Gene Review

myo-5  -  Protein MYO-5

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on myosin

  • Multiple lines of evidence support a model in which UNC-98 links integrin-associated proteins to myosin in thick filaments at M-lines [1].
  • Loss of RHO-1 activity causes defects in the early organization of the myosin cytoskeleton but does not inhibit segregation of myosin to the anterior [2].
  • This phenotype was suppressed by inhibiting muscle contraction by a myosin mutation, but it was enhanced by tetramisole-induced hypercontraction [3].
  • We show that a regulatory myosin light chain normally becomes phosphorylated on the apical side of ingressing cells at a conserved site that can lead to myosin-filament formation and contraction of actomyosin networks and that this phosphorylation depends on Wnt signaling [4].
  • Overall, nematode sperm motility illustrates that cell locomotion can be generated by cytoskeletal dynamics alone without the use of myosin-like motor proteins [5].

Associations of myosin with chemical compounds

  • However, particular regions were detected: - a polyglutamine repeat domain in the N-terminal part of the protein, - four peptide sequences associated with GTP-binding sites, - a sequence with slight homology to the rod tail of Caenorhabditis elegans myosin II, -a sequence with homology to a human kinesin motor domain [6].

Other interactions of myosin

  • However, the myosin mutation showed much weaker suppression of the phenotypes of ADF/cofilin or AIP1 mutants than tropomyosin depletion [7].
  • Sperm of the nematode, Ascaris suum, are amoeboid cells that do not require actin or myosin to crawl over solid substrata [8].


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