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Gene Review

ITGA11  -  integrin, alpha 11

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HsT18964, Integrin alpha-11, MSTP018
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Disease relevance of ITGA11


High impact information on ITGA11

  • We previously established that a 3 kb region upstream of the transcription start site of the ITGA11 gene efficiently induced alpha11 transcription in a cell-type specific manner [3].
  • Based on available human chromosome 15-derived sequences and genomic PCR, the complete exon structure of ITGA11, including the proximal promoter, was assembled into 30 exons [4].
  • Furthermore, studies of the promoter region will provide valuable information regarding the molecular mechanisms underlying the cell- and tissue- specific expression pattern of ITGA11 [4].
  • The human ITGA11 gene was localized to bands q22.3-q23 on chromosome 15, and its transcripts were found in a variety of tissues, but predominantly in bone, cartilage, cardiac muscle, and skeletal muscle [5].
  • We observed that the ITGA-11 promoter has binding sites for transcriptional factors regulated by IFNs and the double-stranded RNA dependent protein kinase (PKR) [2].

Anatomical context of ITGA11


Associations of ITGA11 with chemical compounds

  • The aim of this work was to investigate whether integrin alpha 11 (ITGA-11), a novel collagen-binding integrin, is responsive to type I IFN treatment [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ITGA11


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