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Gene Review

rad13  -  DNA repair nuclease Rad13

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on rad13

  • Rad62 protein physically associates with the Smc5-6 complex. rad62-1 is synthetically lethal with mutations in the genes promoting recovery from stalled replication, such as rqh1, srs2, and mus81, and those involved in nucleotide excision repair like rad13 and rad16 [1].
  • By constructing different rad13 mutants, we show that the DNA damage induced by trabectedin depends on a 46-amino acid region of Rad13 that is homologous to a DNA-binding region of human nuclease FEN-1 [2].
  • Although uvde gene disruptant cells are only mildly UV sensitive, a double disruptant of uvde and rad13 (a S. pombe mutant defective in NER) was synergistically more sensitive than either single disruptant and was unable to remove any photoproducts from cellular DNA [3].
  • Double mutant analysis demonstrated that the rad8 mutant is not epistatic to mutants in the excision repair pathway (rad13) or checkpoint pathway (rad9) [4].
  • Cells mutated at the rad13 locus in the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe are deficient in excision-repair of UV damage [5].

Biological context of rad13


Associations of rad13 with chemical compounds

  • Thus, the function of Rad2 in mutation avoidance is rather independent of NER. rad13, swi10 and rad2, but not uve1 mutants were sensitive to the DNA-damaging agent methyl methane sulphonate [6].
  • S. pombe rad13 mutants are somewhat defective in removal of pyrimidine dimers so complementation by the S. cerevisiae RAD2 gene suggests that the genes may code for equivalent proteins in the two yeasts [7].
  • Spermine increased spontaneous forward mutation in the mut 1-4 strain by 47%, and enhanced UV-induced forward mutation 2-fold in the rad 13 and normal pigmented strains [8].

Other interactions of rad13

  • We included rad1 and rad13 mutants in our experiments which do not affect MT switching [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of rad13


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