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Gene Review

rad16  -  DNA repair endonuclease XPF

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

Synonyms: rad10, rad20, swi9
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High impact information on SPCC970.01

  • We found that the homologous recombination (HR) genes rhp51(+), rad22A(+), rad32(+) and the nucleotide excision repair gene rad16(+) were required for efficient interchromosomal gene conversion [1].
  • Rad62 protein physically associates with the Smc5-6 complex. rad62-1 is synthetically lethal with mutations in the genes promoting recovery from stalled replication, such as rqh1, srs2, and mus81, and those involved in nucleotide excision repair like rad13 and rad16 [2].
  • The plasmid correcting the UV sensitivity of the rad20 mutation was missing the sequence corresponding to the 335 N-terminal amino acids of the predicted protein [3].
  • Mutations in swi5, swi9, swi10 and rad22 also cause an increased radiation sensitivity [4].
  • Finally, we show that the deletion of mag1 in the background of rad16, nth1 and rad2 single mutants reduced the total recombination frequencies of all three double mutants, indicating that abasic sites formed as a result of Mag1 removal of spontaneous base lesions are substrates for nucleotide excision repair, long- and short-patch BER and RR [5].

Other interactions of SPCC970.01

  • Strains having swi5 (class Ib), swi9 (class II) and swi10 (class II) mutations do not only show reduced MT switching, but also exhibit an increased sensitivity to UV- and gamma-rays [6].


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