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Gene Review

Il17a  -  interleukin 17A

Rattus norvegicus

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Disease relevance of Il17


High impact information on Il17


Anatomical context of Il17

  • We suggest that in additional to T cells the neuroglial cell may be another cellular origin of IL-17 in later progression of brain ischemia [1].
  • In pMCAO-operated rats, our findings suggest that IL-17 is produced by the neuroglial cells in the brain region undergoing ischemic insult [1].
  • In contrast, IL-17 was unable to stimulate NO synthesis in either murine or rat macrophages [6].
  • RESULTS: Asimadoline significantly decreased arthritis severity at day 13, with a concomitant decrease in synovial membrane expression of cytokines interleukin-17 and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) mRNA at day 13, and no change in T cell numbers in the joints of arthritic rats [7].
  • Our findings also demonstrate that IL-17 might be a potential contributor to the inflammatory angiogenesis via induction of proangiogenic factors by stromal fibroblasts [8].

Associations of Il17 with chemical compounds

  • Having in mind a well-known neurotoxic action of NO, these results suggest a possible role for IL-17 in the inflammatory diseases of the CNS [6].
  • Interleukin 17, a nitric oxide-producing cytokine with a peroxynitrite-independent inhibitory effect on proteoglycan synthesis [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Il17


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