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Gene Review

UL47  -  modulates transactivating tegument protein...

Human herpesvirus 1

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Disease relevance of UL47


High impact information on UL47

  • Furthermore, we demonstrate that actinomycin D inhibits the reaccumulation of UL47 in the nuclei of infected cells [5].
  • Herpes simplex virus type 1 UL46 and UL47 deletion mutants lack VP11 and VP12 or VP13 and VP14, respectively, and exhibit altered viral thymidine kinase expression [1].
  • This showed that, in addition to immunological cross-reactivity, VP13/14 and gp10 have protein sequence homology; it also allowed identification of VP13/14 as the gene product of UL47 [3].
  • In infected V2.6 cells, the levels of late gC and UL47 mRNA were 7- to 12-fold lower than those of infected Vero cells under conditions where the levels of viral DNA replication in these two cell types were similar [6].
  • To determine if the negative effect of d105 ICP8 on the late gene expression was exerted at the transcriptional level, we measured the levels of mRNAs and transcription from three late genes, gC, UL47, and gD, in V2.6 cells and Vero cells infected with the HSV-1 wild-type virus [6].

Biological context of UL47

  • The primary structure of VP8 showed considerable homology with the product of the UL47 reading frame of herpes simplex virus type 1 [4].
  • The absence of UL47 reduces by up to 80% the ability of the virus to induce an alpha-regulated thymidine kinase reporter gene resident in 143TK- cells [7].
  • The synthesis and phosphorylation of these proteins were inhibited by AG17, and suppression of ICP 19/20, which were identified as the UL47 gene products, was the greatest [8].

Associations of UL47 with chemical compounds

  • UL47 regulation was investigated using phosphonoacetic acid (PAA), an inhibitor of DNA synthesis: the amounts of the 82/81K protein synthesized were compared with those of 65KDBP, an early gene product, and 21K/22K, a true late gene product [9].


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