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Gene Review

Krt15  -  keratin 15, type I

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: CK-15, Cytokeratin-15, K15, Ka15, Keratin, type I cytoskeletal 15, ...
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High impact information on Ka15

  • Addition of NMDA to K5 and K15 cultures increased both glucose uptake and GLUT3 protein levels, with smaller changes in GLUT1 [1].
  • We found that antagonists of PAC1-R [PACAP(6-38)] and VPAC1-R (PG97-269) did not affect lipolysis induced by 0.1-100 nm PACAP38 or VIP, and that a VPAC1-R agonist [K15, R16, L27VIP(1-7)GRF(8-27)] did not affect lipolysis at 1-1000 nm [2].
  • GF109203X (1 microM) abolished the effect of the VPAC1 agonist [K15, R16, L27] VIP(1-7)/GRF(8-27) (10 nM) on hippocampal synaptic transmission but that effect was not changed by H-89 (1 microM) [3].
  • Selective activation of VPAC1 receptors with [K15, R16, L27] VIP(1-7)/GRF(8-27) (10 nM) or of VPAC2 receptors with RO 25-1553 (10 nM) increased synaptic transmission to CA1 pyramidal cells, and this increase was larger when both agonists were applied together [3].
  • At 15 mM K(+) (K15) the pEC(50) values for myricetin and (S)-(-)-Bay K 8644 were 4.43+/-0.03 and 7.92+/-0.13, respectively [4].

Anatomical context of Ka15


Associations of Ka15 with chemical compounds

  • Higher levels of glucose transport activity were observed in neurons cultured in 25 mM KCl (K25) compared to those in 5 and 15 mM KCl (K5 and K15) [1].


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