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Gene Review

rag2  -  recombination activating gene 2

Danio rerio

Synonyms: RAG-2, SO:0000704, V(D)J recombination-activating protein 2, rag-2, zgc:136743
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Disease relevance of rag2


High impact information on rag2

  • To follow development of the immune system in zebrafish, we have analyzed the expression of the recombination activating genes, rag1 and rag2, which we have previously isolated and characterized [2].
  • It has been hypothesized that OR gene regulation may involve stochastic DNA rearrangement, which in lymphocytes requires the recombination activating genes, rag1 and rag2 [3].
  • From 1 wpf, rag-1/rag-2 was expressed in kidney (together with immunoglobulin heavy chain expression) but not in spleen, while WCI12+ cells appeared 1 week later in both organs, suggesting B cell recombination in kidney but not in spleen [4].
  • Rag-1/rag-2 expression was detected in thymi of animals over 1-year-old, but in kidney only at low levels, indicating life-long new formation of putative T cells but severely reduced formation of B cells in older fish [4].
  • Rag-1 expression exceeded rag-2 levels in thymus and in head- and trunk-kidney of juveniles, but this ratio was reversed in head- and trunk-kidney from approximately 16 wpf onwards [4].

Biological context of rag2


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