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Gene Review

skpA  -  CG16983 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG16983, Dmel\CG16983, EG:115C2.4, SKP1, SKPA, ...
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High impact information on skpA

  • Using a genetic modifier screen, we identified four enhancers of grim-reaper-induced apoptosis that all regulate ubiquitination processes: uba-1, skpA, fat facets (faf), and morgue [1].
  • In cultured cells, inhibition of SkpA and Slimb via RNAi increases levels of both the full-length Relish protein and the processed Rel-homology domain [2].
  • However, centrosome overduplication still occurs in skpA-; cycE- mutant animals, demonstrating that high cyclin E levels are not necessary for centrosome overduplication [3].
  • Lethal skpA null mutants exhibit dramatic centrosome overduplication and additional defects in chromatin condensation, cell cycle progression and endoreduplication [3].
  • Thus both luciferase transient expression assays in cultured Drosophila S2 cells using skpA promoter-luciferase fusion plasmids and anti-lacZ immunostaining of various tissues from transgenic third instar larvae carrying the skpA promoter-lacZ fusion genes provided supportive evidence [4].

Biological context of skpA

  • Knockdown of DREF in some tissues where SKPa distribution is well known almost completely abrogated the skpA gene expression [4].


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