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Gene Review

gpd-2  -  Protein GPD-2

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of gpd-2

  • We found that not only is the daf-2(e1370)-enhanced anoxia phenotype dependent upon gpd-2 and gpd-3, but also the motility of animals exposed to brief periods of anoxia is prematurely arrested in gpd-2/3(RNAi) and daf-2(e1370);gpd-2/3(RNAi) animals [1].

High impact information on gpd-2

  • Previous studies have indicated a relationship between these two events in the processing of a heat shock-induced gpd-2-gpd-3 polycistronic pre-mRNA [2].
  • Changing the AGUAAA to AAUAAA also influenced the trans-splicing process: with AGUAAA, most of the gpd-2 product was trans-spliced to SL1, rather than SL2, which is normally used at downstream operon trans-splice sites [3].
  • However, with AAUAAA, SL2 trans-splicing of gpd-2 was increased [3].
  • Finally, an open reading frame found several hundred nucleotides upstream from gpd-2, in both species, appears to be homologous to the ATP synthase subunit, ATPase inhibitor protein, from bovine mitochondria [4].

Biological context of gpd-2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gpd-2


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