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Gene Review

gol  -  goliath

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG2679, Dmel\CG2679, GL, Gol, Protein g1, ...
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High impact information on gol

  • (iii) Loss of the Ubx+ gene early in embryogenesis, but not later, leads to the inappropriate activity of the Scr+ gene in the meso- and metathorax [1].
  • By transplanting meso - and metathoracic myoblasts into the abdomen, we demonstrate that the fusion abilities of myoblasts are independent of their segmental identities [2].
  • The results suggest that the wild-type function of Serrate is required for the control of position-specific cell proliferation during development of meso- and metathoracic dorsal discs, which in turn exerts a direct effect on morphogenesis [3].
  • As part of a cloning strategy to identify genes involved in early mouse liver development we have isolated Praja1, a gene with similar sequences to the Drosophila melanogaster gene goliath (gl) which is involved in the fate of mesodermal cells ultimately forming gut musculatures, fat body, and the heart [4].
  • In Drosophila, the RING finger protein d-Goliath was originally identified as a transcription factor involved in the embryo mesoderm formation [Bouchard, M.L., Cote, S., 1993. The Drosophila melanogaster developmental gene g1 encodes a variant zinc-finger-motif protein. Gene 125, 205-209] [5].

Biological context of gol


Anatomical context of gol

  • Neurons and processes were also labeled in the meso- and metathoracic ganglia [8].


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