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Gene Review

KPNA4  -  karyopherin alpha 4 (importin alpha 3)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: IPOA3, Importin alpha Q1, Importin subunit alpha-3, Karyopherin subunit alpha-4, MGC12217, ...
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High impact information on KPNA4

  • We did find evidence of additive effects of SRP3 with the COLIA1 Sp1 polymorphism but not with haplotypes of 3' polymorphisms in the vitamin-D receptor gene [1].
  • A 3-bp insertion (f=0.38) in the presumed SOST promoter region (SRP3) was associated with decreased BMD in women at the femoral neck (FN) (P=.05) and lumbar spine (LS) (P=.01), with evidence of an allele-dose effect in the oldest age group (P=.006) [1].
  • Rch1 (importin alpha1) bound only weakly and Qip1 (importin alpha3) did not bind to the Ser385-phosphorylated NLS [2].
  • The Caenorhabditis elegans muscle specific serpin, SRP-3, neutralizes chymotrypsin-like serine peptidases [3].
  • Analysis of SRP-3 inhibitory activity indicated that SRP-3 was a potent inhibitor of the serine peptidases, chymotrypsin and cathepsin G [3].

Biological context of KPNA4


Physical interactions of KPNA4

  • Two-hybrid experiments revealed that Qip1 interacted with the NLS of SV40 T antigen similar to Rch1 and hSrp1 [5].


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