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Gene Review

FGF19  -  fibroblast growth factor 19

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of FGF19

  • We show that, from the earliest stages, the Fgf19 expression was detected in the acoustic-vestibular ganglion and the macula utriculi [1].

High impact information on FGF19

  • Furthermore, we demonstrate the synergistic interactions of the extracellular polypeptide ligands FGF-19 and Wnt-8c as mediators of mesodermal and neural signals, respectively, initiating inner ear development [2].
  • In chick, the mesodermal signal, FGF19, induces neural ectoderm to express additional signals, including WNT8c and FGF3, resulting in induction of the otic placode [3].
  • We show that endoderm is necessary for otic induction in the chick and that Fgf8, expressed in the chick endoderm subjacent to Fgf19, is both sufficient and necessary for the expression of Fgf19 in the mesoderm [3].
  • Two members of the fibroblast growth factor family, FGF3 and FGF19, continue to be expressed in this mesodermal population in VAD embryos, and these may be responsible for otic placode induction in the absence of the posterior hindbrain [4].
  • During the last third of embryogenesis, Fgf19 expression in the retina was progressively down-regulated and was not detected at P30 [5].

Anatomical context of FGF19

  • This work reports the detailed spatial and temporal patterns of Fgf19 expression in the developing inner ear from otic cup (stage 14) to 8 embryonic days (stage 34) [1].
  • In situ hybridization discloses dynamic expression patterns for Fgf19 in the optic vesicle, lens primordia and retinal horizontal cells [6].
  • Fgf19 expression initiated in the forebrain, and then became restricted to the distal portion of the optic vesicle abutting the future lens placode, where FGF receptor 4 (Fgfr4), a receptor for FGF19, was expressed [7].


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