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Gene Review

Fgf15  -  fibroblast growth factor 15

Mus musculus

Synonyms: FGF-15, FGF19, Fibroblast growth factor 15
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Disease relevance of Fgf15


High impact information on Fgf15

  • We present evidence that Fgf15 shows Shh-dependent expression in the diencephalon and may participate in this interaction, at least in part, by regulating the ability of dorsal neural precursors to respond to dorsally secreted Wnt mitogens [4].
  • The FGF-15 gene is expressed in a regionally restricted pattern in the developing nervous system, suggesting that FGF-15 may play an important role in regulating cell division and patterning within specific regions of the embryonic brain, spinal cord and sensory organs [5].
  • Unlike Fgf19, Fgf15 is not expressed in mesoderm underlying the presumptive otic placode, but is expressed in the adjacent neurectoderm [6].
  • Fibroblast growth factor 15 (Fgf15) is expressed in the developing mouse central nervous system and pharyngeal arches [2].
  • Fgf15 mutant mice showed defects of the cardiac outflow tract probably because of aberrant behavior of the cardiac neural crest cells [2].

Associations of Fgf15 with chemical compounds

  • Ostα(-/-)Fxr(-/-) mice exhibited decreased ileal FGF15 expression, restoration of intestinal cholesterol absorption, and increases in hepatic Cyp7a1 expression, fecal BA excretion, and BA pool size [7].

Biological context of Fgf15


Anatomical context of Fgf15

  • Fgf15 appeared early in the developing neural epithelium, in domains where Fgf8 gene is also expressed and, at later stages, in specific groups of neural cells [8].
  • Fgf15 expression in the diencephalon/midbrain was greatly reduced in the seven-somite Shh mutant embryos [9].

Regulatory relationships of Fgf15

  • In addition, the thalamic expression of Fgf15 has been recently reported under the control of Shh signalling gene, expressed in the diencephalic basal plate (Development 129 (2002) 4807) [8].

Other interactions of Fgf15

  • Luciferase assays and transgenic analysis revealed that the Fgf15 gene is a direct target of Shh [10].
  • Fgf15 expression is localized, like Fgf8, in secondary neural tube organizers: the isthmic organizer (IsO) and the anterior neural ridge (ANR) [8].
  • The Fgf15 expression domain coincided with that of Gli1 and overlapped with that of Gli2 at this stage [9].
  • This appears to result in a failure to establish an ectodermal signalling center expressing Fgf3 and Fgf15 [11].
  • Here we analyze the expression of Fgf15 at different stages of mouse development in relation to Fgf8 and Otx2 expression patterns [12].


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