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Gene Review

WNT11  -  wingless-type MMTV integration site family...

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of WNT11


High impact information on WNT11

  • Exposure of these WNT11 antisense cells to soluble WNT11 or WNT5a restored the broad range of blood cell phenotypes exhibited by parental QCE6 cells [2].
  • Accordingly, treatment of HPC-enriched bone marrow cultures with soluble WNT11 or WNT5a inhibited macrophage formation [2].
  • However, when QCE6 cells were prevented from producing WNT11-by expression of a stably transfected WNT11 antisense transgene-the cultures were dominated by highly vacuolated macrophages [2].
  • The latter shows that endogenous Wnt11 signalling determines the number of fast and slow myocytes [3].
  • Indeed Wnt11 expression relies on dorsal neural tube-derived Wnt1, while En1 expression depends on the presence of the ectoderm [4].

Biological context of WNT11


Anatomical context of WNT11

  • We confirm that Wnt1 induces Wnt11 expression in the dorsomedial lip as previously shown, and show using DiI injections that some of these cells, which continue to express Wnt11 migrate under the ectoderm, towards the midline, to form most of the dorsal dermis [4].


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