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Gene Review

BRAF  -  v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: C-RMIL, RMIL
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Disease relevance of BRAF


High impact information on BRAF

  • NR cell multiplication results from the frequent activation and subsequent retroviral transduction of two related serine/threonine protein kinases, the c-mil/c-raf or c-Rmil/B-raf genes [2].
  • c-Rmil is the cellular allele of the v-Rmil oncogene transduced during in vitro passaging of Rous-associated virus type 1 in chicken embryonic neuroretina (NR) cells [3].
  • Two c-Rmil cDNA species, resulting from an alternative splicing mechanism, were isolated from quail embryonic NR cDNA libraries [3].
  • Expression of these cDNAs in COS-1 cells leads to the synthesis of two proteins with apparent molecular weights of 93.5 and 95 kDa, recognized by an Rmil-specific antiserum [3].
  • We previously reported that serial passaging of Rous-associated virus type 1 in nondividing chicken embryo neuroretina cells leads to reproducible generation of acutely mitogenic retroviruses that transduced the catalytic domain of c-mil/c-raf or c-Rmil/B-raf [4].

Biological context of BRAF

  • c-Rmil is the cellular allele of the v-Rmil oncogene, transduced during in vitro passaging of Rous associated virus type 1 in chicken embryonic neuroretina (NR) cells [5].
  • We show that c-Rmil proteins are encoded by 19 exons lying within about 100 kbp of genomic DNA [5].
  • We recently reported that the avian c-Rmil gene encodes two proteins of 94 and 95 kDa, resulting from an alternative splicing mechanism [5].
  • The 3' ends of both viruses were generated by recombination between Rmil and env genes, involving partial sequence identity [6].

Associations of BRAF with chemical compounds


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