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Gene Review

GJC1  -  gap junction protein, gamma 1, 45kDa

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: GJA7, GJD3
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Disease relevance of GJA7


High impact information on GJA7

  • Transfection of Cx45tr and Cx45 had different effects in ROS cells, consistent with a role of the carboxyl-terminal domain of Cx45 in determining gap junction permeability or interactions between connexins [1].
  • Transfer of calcein (MW = 623 D) was also reduced by approximately 50% in ROS/Cx45 cells, but passage of hydroxycoumarin carboxylic acid (HCCA; MW = 206 D) was only reduced by 35% as compared to ROS cells [1].
  • Both forms of Cx45 were expressed at high levels and colocalized with Cx43 at plasma membrane junctions [1].
  • We performed ion-substitution and dye-transfer experiments to determine the relative Cl-/K+ conductance and dye permeability of anionic fluorescein derivatives in chick connexin45 (Cx45) channels [3].
  • We have shown previously that Ser(363) is an in vivo phosphorylated site by casein kinase II, and this specific phosphorylation leads to a rapid turnover of Cx45 [4].

Biological context of GJA7

  • From all of the data obtained, Cx45 appeared to be associated with stages of bone formation characterized by the elaboration of matrix and the progressive expression of the differentiated osteogenic phenotype [5].
  • We studied whether altering gap junctional communication by manipulating the relative expression of Cx43 and Cx45 affects the osteoblast phenotype [6].

Anatomical context of GJA7

  • When isolated lens membranes were treated by caspase-3, the truncated fragments of Cx45.6 were reproduced, and this truncation occurred at the COOH terminus of Cx45 [4].

Associations of GJA7 with chemical compounds

  • Cx43 gap junctions form pores that are more permeable to negatively charged dyes such as Lucifer yellow and calcein than are Cx45 pores [6].

Other interactions of GJA7

  • Chick connexin-45 has a predicted molecular mass of 45,376 daltons; connexin-42 has a predicted molecular mass of 41,748 daltons [7].


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