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Gene Review

abs  -  abstrakt

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: ABS, ATP-dependent RNA helicase abstrakt, CG14637, DEAD box protein abstrakt, DmRH23, ...
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Disease relevance of abs

  • RESULTS: We show that abstrakt, a gene originally identified genetically by its effect on axon outgrowth and fasciculation of the Bolwig nerve, encodes a new Drosophila DEAD-box protein of which the closest homologue is a human gene of unknown function [1].

High impact information on abs


Biological context of abs

  • Our results demonstrate a novel role for Abs in the posttranscriptional regulation of insc expression, which is essential for proper cell polarity, spindle orientation, and the establishment of distinct sibling cell fates within embryonic neural and muscle progenitors [2].
  • Using temperature-sensitive alleles to assay its function, we found that abstrakt is essential for survival at all stages throughout the life cycle of the fly [1].

Anatomical context of abs

  • In a genetic screen for mutations affecting the projection of the larval optic nerve we isolated the abstrakt locus. abstrakt is required for pathfinding of the larval optic nerve, and it also affects development in both the adult visual system and the embryonic CNS [3].

Associations of abs with chemical compounds

  • Commercially produced oil furnace carbon black (Chemical Abstract Service Registry No. 1333-86-4) has been evaluated by five different assay for genetic activity [4].


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