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Gene Review

foxo  -  forkhead box, sub-group O

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 3143, Afx, CG3143, Dfoxo, DmQ95V5, ...
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Disease relevance of foxo


High impact information on foxo

  • Here we show that JNK requires Foxo to extend life span in Drosophila [2].
  • Control of cell number by Drosophila FOXO: downstream and feedback regulation of the insulin receptor pathway [3].
  • These data suggest that integrating stress and survival signals through Foxo drives the decision between cell death and repair of damaged cells in vivo [4].
  • Our results indicate that UV-induced apoptosis is repressed by receptor tyrosine kinase-mediated inactivation of Foxo [4].
  • Akt and foxo Dysregulation Contribute to Infection-Induced Wasting in Drosophila [5].

Associations of foxo with chemical compounds

  • Overexpression of signaling molecules that affect FOXO activity, such as the insulin receptor or Akt, in the fat body also increased susceptibility of the central clock to oxidative stress [6].

Biological context of foxo

  • The role of FOXO transcription factors and the adipose tissue are therefore evolutionarily conserved in the regulation of aging, and reduction of IIS in the adult is sufficient to mediate its effects on life-span and fecundity [7].
  • This phenotype can be rescued by co-expression of upstream insulin signaling components, dPI3K and dAkt, however, this rescue is not seen when FOXO is mutated to a constitutively active form [8].
  • RESULTS: We have identified the Drosophila melanogaster homologue of FOXO (dFOXO), which is conserved in amino acid sequence compared with the mammalian FOXO homologues and Daf-16 [8].

Anatomical context of foxo


Other interactions of foxo

  • The FOXO (forkhead box, sub-group "O") transcription factors regulate cellular processes under conditions of low levels of insulin signaling [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of foxo


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