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Gene Review

EndoA  -  Endophilin A

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG14296, D-endo, D-endoA, Dendo-A, Dmel\CG14296, ...
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High impact information on endoA


Biological context of endoA


Anatomical context of endoA

  • Synaptojanin is recruited by endophilin to promote synaptic vesicle uncoating [7].
  • Moreover, synj; endo double mutant synaptic terminals exhibit properties that are very similar to terminals of each single mutant, and overexpression of Endophilin can partially rescue the functional defects in partial loss-of-function synj mutants [7].
  • Detailed ultrastructural analysis of endo null mutant photoreceptor synapses fails to reveal a defect at early stages of vesicle reformation but, instead, reveals an accumulation of clusters of electron-dense, apparently nonfunctional, late endocytotic vesicles [4].
  • Decreased endophilin activity results in alterations in the neuromuscular junction structure and physiology [5].

Associations of endoA with chemical compounds


Other interactions of endoA


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of endoA


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