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Gene Review

KLK12  -  kallikrein-related peptidase 12

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KLK-L5, KLKL5, Kallikrein-12, Kallikrein-like protein 5, UNQ669/PRO1303
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Disease relevance of KLK12


High impact information on KLK12


Biological context of KLK12

  • Here, we report the production of recombinant KLK12 and analyses of its enzymatic characteristics, including zymogen activation, substrate specificity, and regulation of its activity [1].

Associations of KLK12 with chemical compounds

  • It has been predicted that KLK12 is a secreted serine protease [1].
  • Through screening of a panel of fluorogenic and chromogenic peptide substrates, we establish that active KLK12 possesses trypsin-like activity, cleaving peptide bonds after both arginine and lysine [1].

Regulatory relationships of KLK12


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