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Gene Review

AZIN1  -  antizyme inhibitor 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AZI, AZIA1, Antizyme inhibitor 1, OAZI, OAZIN, ...
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High impact information on AZIN1


Biological context of AZIN1


Associations of AZIN1 with chemical compounds

  • Two distinct phases were involved in the desulfuration of AZIN, DIA, and PAR, characterized by different affinity constants (K(mapp1) = 0.13-9 microM and K(mapp2) = 5- 269 microM) [3].

Other interactions of AZIN1

  • Antizyme 1 has been shown to be negatively regulated through the AZI (antizyme inhibitor) that binds antizyme 1 with higher affinity compared with ODC [6].


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